Decent Content Management with Podius

Decent Content Management with Podius

By Mikhael Goikhman (‎Migo‎) from,
Date: Monday, 31 December 2007 14:20
Duration: 30 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: עברית
Tags: application cms content framework management perl podius web

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Is Ruby-on-Rails the way to create dynamical web applications or you may do it not less efficiently and rapidly with Perl?

The talk includes a real-time demonstration of creating a nicely manageable web project with dynamic content from scratch. All steps are demonstrated: downloading the framework, preparing a new project, creating the project model using simple perl sub-classes, optional adjusting of the database configuration, adding domain logic, populating the initial data, creating templates and publishing the content, and scripting the data in perl. All steps are executed using a command line, a text editor and a browser.

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