Why should I attend?

  • I am only writing scripts in Perl, why should I attend?
  • I only use Perl as a helper tool, it is not my main tool. Is there anything for me?
  • How can I convince my boss that it is worth my time and the money to send me to the Perl Workshop?


The lectures as indicated by the previous conferences provide a way to have a broad overview of many of the extra features Perl and CPAN provide. Learning about such a diverse set of technologies in such a short time is only possible on a Perl conference or workshop.

As opposed to many of the hi-tech conferences organised by companies, on the Perl Workshop the talks are technical or fun. The speakers are not coming as representative of companies, they are coming just like you and me, regular people using Perl who would like to share their experience.


While the lectures are important maybe even more important is the networking that takes place during the breaks, the BOFs and after the workshop.
Talking to people with similar issues that you encounter on your daily job can help a lot. You will get good ideas, maybe even solutions to some of the problems. Knowing them will also help you get answers on our mailing list.

On these workshops you can meet the key figures of the local Perl community. Just hanging out with them will help you get your job done.
It helps me.

Just look around the list of people who already registered and compare that with the authors on CPAN or the local Perl mailing list. You'll find many familiar faces.

Finding a new Job

According to researches 70% of the positions are filled based on personal contact and not by applying to an advertisement nor via a recruitment company.
So knowing people from similar areas will increase your chances next time you look for a job.
OK, don't use this one to try convince your boss to send you to the workshop.

Finding new employees

During the breaks you'll be able to meet with many potential new employees in an informal way. Expanding the number of people you know in the field will allow you to find the right person much easier than if you had to look through tons of CVs.
As we all know the best people are rarely looking for new positions in papers. Either they are happily employed somewhere or they will find their new place through people they know. So, come to the workshop and get to know them.
If you want actively recruit, you can also setup a booth and let everyone know you are looking for good people. See the Job fair on our sponsorship page.


The cost of the Workshop is very low if compared to any high level training or good technical conference. With the content being on par and sometimes better than most courses you would attend, your Benefit/Cost ratio will be high.
(We don't have the exact fee yet, but it will be less than 100 USD)

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