Wiki - Post workshop social

After the workshop ends thre is going to be a dinner. Unless we find sponsors for this it will be self financed in a near-by restaurant.

It will be a very good opportunity to socalized and even to meet the significant other of each one of us. So make sure they also join us.

In order to know reserve enough room, please add your name to this page if you are interested to come and add +1 if you are brining someone else who is not registered to the workshop.

Date: 28th February 2012
Time: 18:00- closing time
Location: TBD (10 min walking from the venue)

Going home after the social

FYI The are trains from Tel Aviv to Haifa. The last train leaving at 23:42
If you are planning to come by car. I'd like to encourage you to car-pool!

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