First batch of talks approved

26/12/11 15:47 by Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎)

We have received 19 very interesting talk proposals from 13 people.

The organizers went over the submitted proposals and approved 12 talks that cover a total of 6 hours 20 minutes. This can fill one track.

The rest are kept for now so we can give you another chance to submit a talk proposal. If we get enough proposals we can fill a second track. We now prefer talks of 20 min length.

Lightning talks

We got 2 lightning talk proposal. One got approved as it is a counter-talk so most likely it will be scheduled just after its counter-part.

The other one was not marked as approved yet as we are still unsure if we would like to announce the titles before the workshop or keep them as a surprise. Besides, we only have one such talk and we would like to have at least 6 to make it an interesting session.

Please visit the talks page and mark the talks that are interesting to you. That will help us to see how well we are doing.

Late bird talk submission dead-line

The talk submission dead-line is

Thursday 12 January.

Invite more people

Now that we already have half of the content it would be a good opportunity to invite more people. So go ahead, send out an invitation to you co-workers to sign up to the workshop.

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