Implementing Perl (Moose) Design Patterns

Implementing Perl (Moose) Design Patterns

By ynon perek
Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012 14:50
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: עברית
Tags: moose oop

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Perl has gone a long way from the scripting language it once was to an Object Oriented modern programming language. Has our culture evolved accordingly ?

In this short talk I will discuss 5 software design problems and use Moose to implement a generic solution, based on common design patterns.

Topics Include:

* Inheritance vs. Delegation
* Inheritance vs. Roles
* Type Validations and Custom Types
* Reflecting with MOP
* Common Anti Patterns

Attended by: Yaron Golan (‎yargo‎), Amir Aharoni, Lary Ecker, Eitan Schuler, Meir Guttman, moshe nahmias, Chanan Berler, Victor Tsvetov, Eyal Ben David, Shlomo Yona, Nir Aharon, Ron Zaltsman, Moshe Sucaz, Gilad Natan, Tal Nagar, Ant Weiss (‎ant‎), Tamir Erez, Yehudit Nathan, Aryeh Koenigsberg, Kirill Burd, avivit polak, Michael Sedletsky, Emil Feldman,

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