We are going to hold a Pub crawling Alces alces hackathon between 1-5 January 2008, just after the Perl Workshop.
As this is going to be a Pub crawling hackathon we plan to start every day between 9:00-12:00 and crawl till we can. People can come and go during the event but it will be good if you add yourself to the wiki page of the Hackathon so we know whom to expect.

Where is the Hackathon?

We are planning to visit several establishments in Tel Aviv. Some of the places we might visit:

  • Minzar
    Quite empty during the day, and now has wireless! pictures
  • Tel-Aviv harbor
    Every point has wireless, a municipal project. Lots of pubs, cafes, restaurants. Can jump into the sea for a swim to relax. pictures
  • Ran's house: wife and kids will go to her mother's and we can do one evening/night here- close to the beach and other places we will frequent, and we can buy/cook food. pictures

Food and drinks

We have not decided on the exact places yet. It might be that we are only going to decide on the first place and then decide there where to go next. In any case suggestions are more than welcome on both our mailing list and on the wiki page of the Hackathon.

Is it going to be Kosher?

At this point we don't have the list of places where we are going to visit. As most of the Pubs are not Kosher it might well happen that we will go to such places.
If you do want to attend at least part of the Hackathon and you would like to go to a kosher place please add it to the wiki.

How much does it cost?

We assume everyone will cover his/her own consumption. Of course if we can find sponsors for the Hackathon or if someone will offer his/her place for part of the hackathon we will be glad to accept.

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