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MongoDB for Perl Developers

MongoDB for Perl Developers

By ynon perek
Date: Monday, 25 February 2013 12:00
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Language: עברית
Tags: mongodb

Tired of writing SQL code or using complex DBIx::Class schemas ? Time to try a NoSQL Database.

MongoDB is a scalable, robust and easy to document based DB. It has no schemas, no joins and no transactions, but it will let you store and retrieve documents effectively and integrate well with your perl code.

In this talk I'll demonstrate the main concepts behind MongoDB, and show how to use it from your perl program.

Attended by: Victor Tsvetov, Oren Izmirli, Amihai Shapira, Martin Gamboa Garsia, Mikhael Goikhman (‎Migo‎), Adam Balali, Uri Bruck, moshe nahmias,

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