The Praying Mantis of

Opinionated frameworks

Opinionated frameworks

By Ilan Arad
Date: Monday, 25 February 2013 15:25
Duration: 25 minutes
Target audience: Advanced
Language: עברית
Tags: coffeescript meteor mvc node.js unhosted

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Node.js, CoffeeScript, Meteor, (against) MV*, Unhosted...
Lots of topics, examples, aspects, related to Web technologies, their place in IT, mobile, modern life generally, and especially various "impedance mismatches" with software engineering norms...
I'll definitely bring up Conway's Law, prof Dijkstra, UML, a million "buzzwords"... And maybe I'll slip in some post-structuralism, feminist epistemology, psycho-analysis? Or not.

Attended by: Uri Bruck, Ilan Arad, Martin Gamboa Garsia, Meir Guttman,

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